C A P R I   W E D D I N G  P A P E R
 &  C O.


Capri Wedding Paper & Co. reflects the magnificent blue atmosphere of the island in its complete and unique wedding suites, created with love and elegant luxury, to its guests who will not hesitate to say “Yes, I do! “!
All suites have love as the unique keystone. Because it is only with love that Capri Wedding Paper creates its collections of wedding invitations to make each ceremony an unforgettable special day, to be remembered over time.
The suites of each collection are embellished with several minor cards that accompany the main cards in order to make the choice as broad as possible.
The envelopes are coordinated with multiple elements to the collections create…
The calligraphy suites recall that the tradition with glyphs and stylus never sets, enriched in its classicity by embellishments that make the calling cards and entire sets, very refined.
Each suite enjoys references to the multitude of progressive palettes that overlook the magical world of Wedding.
And each set invokes a profound statement of simple elegant sophistication.