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Coordination of the floral arrangement

The floral arrangement is among the most important parts that make up the wedding ceremony itself. Basically you have to be aware of first of all in which season you want to fix the date for the ceremony for the choice of flowers obviously, secondly, which location will be chosen for the reception and last but not least in the account of indoor and outdoor environments for the purpose of a furniture that includes details and angles. The choice of flowers according to the season will be taken into account in the color palette that will set the entire course of the ceremony and therefore best suited for that season itself to give a personalized and bright touch to the theme of palette choices. The decorations are the winning business card because they offer an anticipation of the stylization of the wedding itself, reminding us that it is the latter that dresses the entire event. In fact, the decorations recall the details of the color palette chosen according to the type of ceremony chosen. It is to be taken account of that the decorations of flowers also vary according to the typical flowers that are used for religious ceremonies thus also taking into account the  of the church. A floral decoration that can adapted to almost any style is the one that wraps the columns of the church regardless of its architecture. In order to cover it completely decorating it with care from the entrance to the possible nave. Generally we use the white classic color refined allowing our inspiration a unique and magical coating. And if you want to introduce a touch of color to the tradition you can also rely on colored compositions that accompany the choice of background. The distribution therefore as decoration of the flowers in the church should be brought in this way: in front of the altar will be placed the largest and most elegant composition so that its most refined processing will be the most photographed. In the highest area behind the altar you can arrange other decorations and compositions provided they are distributed symmetrically in order to give the final harmonious and refined scene. For day weddings held especially outdoors you will have a wide choice as flower arrangements. First place the most significant composition on the central table in order to differentiate it from the others. In the evening the decorative elements will make the difference because accompanied by candles that give the right atmosphere making the environment much larger and more welcoming. As we said the choice of course outdoors will be extremely greater than a location inside. Also in this case the floral decorations must always be in tune with the spaces that will host the reception. The distinct areas that must be taken into account in terms of decoration are the one dedicated to the aperitif and the banquet hall. For the first space will also take into account the time of the wedding and the decoration can be chosen according to the taste of the bride and groom decorating the corners of the garden with a choice that goes alongside the similar one used for the fittings of the ceremony inside. If as we said the wedding will take place in the evening, the protagonists along with the flowers will be the soft lights held by candles, spotlights and lanterns or any element that can create a warm effect for the decoration for a magical atmosphere. For the banquet the choice of the floral composition as a centerpiece is fundamental because it must fully recognize the style of the wedding in progress. Compositions that can be small and even round if you want something more classic but also compositions with asymmetric flowers and horizontal garlands that are arranged in the center of the Imperial tables if you want to follow the latest trends.