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Wedding setup: how to choose the location of your dream day

The setting of the location is the heart of a wonderful wedding reception and as the elegant care of the environment is the backdrop to the ceremony that will be made unique by several elements that must be duly taken into account in order to create an unforgettable screenplay that will also include floor and ceiling. For ceremonies organized outdoors the first thing required for everything to start then to constitute a dream scene is a beautiful lawn, which will be part of the scenery in contact with nature. For the flooring my advice will be to choose a platform made of wood for the occasion because it can be combined with any theme color to which will have to refer with due details even gazebos and walls. Starting from the flooring you will start with the furniture of the gazebo itself. First the choice must fall on the dominant color among those which will compose the color palette for the entire ceremony. The small details will require scenic attention for their accurate arrangement. For a classic choice white traditionally gives brightness as an elegant highlight in contrast to the nature that hosts your fabulous day. It is clear that if you choose for a minimalist white, the choice will have to fall strictly towards a palette tending to cream white, cremated ivory and if anything enlivening even with the slight shades of silver gray gently hinted. If, on the other hand, the choice should be directed towards shades of color, soft colors are preferred that will constitute harmonious elegance in contrast with cooler hints in order to create an intense harmony as a common thread for the entire reception.